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So here's the thing. I'm no girl who has an abundance of heels that I gravitate to. Every time I put a pair on I instantly get reminded of why I don't bother with them, mainly because of my narrow feet and the amount of innersoles I have to endure to wear a pair. I do however have a couple that are fine to wear due to how chunky they are, not like your average stiletto.

This night in particular I spontaneously decided that I wanted to wear heels and whipped this outfit up. The whole night wasn't planned at all so I just threw this on after work and went straight out -being spontaneous has its advantages in most cases!
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Supreme x Akira

"In the story Tetsuo takes drugs, he becomes so self destructive and loses himself. Young people go berserk on impulse and eventually destroy themselves. It's about motorcycle gangs, rock musicians and punk rockers, you know how they all die young. I wanted it to be about the marginal members of society. It's society's outsiders, those who don't belong who are more intriguing to draw, like we did, young people need to find their own way. It's not for us to say, they wouldn't listen to us anyway. That's how it goes." Katsuhiro Otomo

When the Supreme x Akira collaboration got announced earlier this year I was so excited and thrilled as Akira is such a fascinating manga and film, the story behind owning these pieces though is quite funny.

Now in the past i've always wanted to own something from Supreme but the odds were never in my favour. I went to the Soho store in NY and there was nothing worthy there, Harajuku in Japan last year where there was nothing worthy again and then Harajuku this year but they were closed all together for a drop!? I wasn't prepared to wait in such a hefty line that day. Fast forward to this drop I was prepared to try my hardest to get some of these items. I was really keen on the long sleeve top pictured above and anything else would be a bonus. Let's start with the fact I tried to stay up for the drop, failed and someone else who did made it up to the point where everything made it to the checkout and then sold out because SUPREME DON'T SHIP TO AUS HAH. Mistake number one.

I then spontaneously got my hands on the Pill Tee (pictured first) but it was too big to wear as a tee so I was like screw it t-shirt dress it is haha! I also picked up a Supreme x Akira sticker that now lives on my mac. It was my favourite print from the manga that they chose and at the time I was under the assumption that i'd never get the long sleeve due to how limited it all was.

Christmas then came around and I got gifted the Supreme x Akira long sleeve!?!? It was so unexpected but now it's one of my favourite long sleeves I own!!!!! It's so funny how I went from owning zero Supreme to owning two of my most favourite items from Supreme (besides the classic  bogo tee but future Elysa will own that one day)


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My Summer Colour

My last post was October.

My life has been a whirlwind of events that feel never ending but i'm cruising along. 

My obsession with this shade of pink is still strong and probably will stay strong through summer.

(also how funny is it that I found a pin that can make anything look like it's from bape lol thanks japan 🇯🇵)

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Accidental Lucky Find

Is it a Jumper? Is it a Dress? Is it both? Lately I seem to be having a good trend of outfit posts so why not continue the trend with this random find?

Earlier on this day I ventured into the city enjoying my usual Tuesday off when I realised something... I was going to be out late that day and wasn't quite appropriately dressed for the weather. Don't be fooled by the sun haha it didn't last all day!

I had time to kill so I thought i'd maybe look around for a simple jumper to keep me warm later that wasn't overly expensive and after visiting a few shops I find this little number. I pick it up, realise it's the last one and also realise it's not quite my size. It was also on sale too so - half price off! Too many things were standing out for me to put it away so I impulsively tried it on, realised it worked really well and bought it hahaha! I still can't believe how many pink items i've gravitated towards to but my wardrobe is definitely getting a lot more colourful! 



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My Latest Obsession...

Let's real talk for a bit. Not everyone knows this about me but i've always had a low-key obsession with designer brands. I think it all started from when I was a kid. Mum would always drag me out to go shopping with her every boxing day to places like Versace and Gucci because she would spend all her saved money on random staple items. 7 year old me never cared and would always question why Mum spent such large amounts on designer pieces however 17 years later and i'm literally doing the same thing. ARGH!

All year i've been stalking and dreaming about owning two Gucci items - a GG Buckle Belt and a pair of Princetown Loafers. I nearly splurged around my birthday but at the time I couldn't justify the price tag and then forgot about them until Japan happened.

I don't know about you but sometimes when i'm on holiday shopping away I tend to have no filter, tell myself "ahhhh screw it i'm on holiday TREAT YO' SELF!" and worry about the repercussions later. Thats how owning the belt happened. I initially was supposed to be out developing two rolls of film from the trip and Gucci conveniently happened to be next to where I was going... 

As for the shoes one week later after being back I had a rough day at Jap Class and spontaneously went home with these shoes? They were the last pair in my size so it was meant to be in my opinion haha! Every time I wear these shoes I can't help but stare at my feet in awe but always fear a little considering they're now the most expensive shoes I own.

Lets just say i'm so done with buying any clothing items for now. This time I really mean it too.

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