20 Going On 24

It's been a very long time since i've done something like this so this post may be all over the place but hey you've made it here so welcome!

Once upon a time I used to have a spot online where I could express myself and share aspects of my life for everyone to see, I throughly enjoyed it amongst uni and the daily grind. At the time the response I was receiving was very positive which inspired me to do more but then life caught me off guard and somehow i drifted far away from any kind of social outlet besides happy snaps on instagram.

The last time I has a strong online presence was 2013. In the time i've had away from things such as youtube i've had an interesting journey. I aimed high with my photography, got emotionally destroyed, lost myself, lost a number of friends and found myself again. It took a lot of beating down to rebuild my confidence but the last four years have taught me a lot of life lessons.

I can easily say now i'm at a point now where i'm content with myself. I have a great job, loving friends and new goals i'm working towards. With everything going so well for me and having more time i've decided to start my online presence again.

This blog for me is to document a number of things. Like before i'll be posting a few fashion related posts because experimenting with clothes is something i've always been fond of. I'll also be doing a mixed bag of personal posts whether it be days i've gone out to take photos, fun events I go to with friends or even places I fly away to.

I'm a little nervous but also excited to start sharing my life again through this blog and I hope you enjoy whats to come.


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