Recap // Byron Bay

Earlier in Jan I had the chance to stay up in Byron Bay for just over a week which was a much needed getaway to start the year.

I didn't know what to quite expect because every time I told someone I was going for the first time their reaction was "YOU'VE NEVER BEEN!? HOW!?". People also told me it was their favourite place in Australia which set my expectations pretty high, mind you i've only really been to Sydney so I don't have much to compare to haha!

For the time I was there I managed to see a lot of places such as Main Beach, Killen Falls and Cape Byron Lighthouse to name a few. Even though the trip was short it was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

You're probably thinking - why is she only writing about this now? Well! I took a bunch of short videos on a Go Pro that I forgot about until about a week ago and figured why not see whats there and make a short video with what i've got! Below is a tiny recap of my trip and it's quite a simple edit but I hope you enjoy watching it. (link: https://youtu.be/_KctIMtX3Vs )


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