World Gone Mad

I'm going to be honest here - I have no idea where my growing obsession with BAPE came from.

Many years ago I used to see the shark hoodie everywhere and always wondered where it was from and the brand name. On my first trip to Japan I was trying to find an Apple Store (for free wifi of corse), got lost in some random outside mall and then stumbled upon A Bathing Ape in Shibuya. It was one of those moments where I didn't regret getting lost at all even though the reason I needed free wifi was to download maps to get somewhere else haha! I'm starting to realise now 2013 Elysa was a hot mess.

My first thought was "they have an entire rainbow lit floor with shoes thats AMAZING" and then I ventured into the store and realised at the time perhaps i'll save some money and return. Instead I was like "if I can't buy anything may as well take some photos to document it"

(seriously though how cool is this floor!?)

Fast forward to today I can't stay off their website and it's a problem because i'm going back to Japan in August and I have no self control. I even bought this damn face mask purely to have a BAPE ascetic who am I. I've even rubbed my obsession onto my friends copping BAPE stuff in Japan as we speak AAHHHH!

Okay i'm going to stop here, if you made it through this rant congratulations!