Air Tokyo

Let's throwback to this time last year.

One night I was at home browsing online for new clothes or inspiration for new ways to dress clothing items, in particular a new bomber jacket. At the time I think bomber jackets were in and so I was on the hunt for something more than just your average bomber, my leather jacket 
(which I wore almost everyday since 2009) was also coming to a end so a jacket upgrade was needed. After a long night of aimless browsing I stumbled upon the ultimate hype beast bomber called the "Air Tokyo Bomber". I was in love and also keen for pay day so I could buy this. Two days later I was telling Starci about this wonderful new jacket and to my surprise he bought it for me that same night.

When he bought this bomber he liked it so much he bought one for himself too. My size was a mens small but the tag said L and my partner bought a mens large but his tag said XL. A few weeks later it came in the mail and mine fitted perfectly but unfortunately his was a little small. If you know me this jacket has easily become my favourite jacket of all time but poor Starci had to send his back and get the next size up which took ages to send away and get back, he eventually got the biggest size available back where the tag said XXL but never got a chance to wear it because I was wearing mine too much (whoops).

A whole year has passed and for me this jacket has been though thick and thin, it's been through crazy nights out, music festivals and even Japan. People comment on it all the time and I have grown to love this jacket so much. In the year thats passed i've also built up quite the jacket collection so now i've been rotating between multiple jackets instead of wearing this one, which now brings me to today.

Today I decided to get ramen in the city and look for a new point and shoot film camera however the weather was being unpredictable. Starci decided today was the day, this was it, he was going to bust out his bomber and it was going to look great. He takes the tag off and puts it on but you know what things change in a year. His hard work at the gym has paid off, which is great and i'm proud, but now the bomber is too small for him and sits too high. Not knowing what to do with the jacket anymore he decided to give it to me which I feel really bad about it but now I have two sizes of the same jacket - one for everyday and another for layering like the photo above.

It's funny how the clothes I wear have these grand stories behind them but I think to me thats what makes them special. Starci I am so sorry this doesn't fit you (damn tiny sizing!) but your kindness never ceases to amaze me and we will find your perfect bomber I promise.

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