The Film Dilemma

If you know me well enough you know I love collecting film cameras and shooting with them from time to time and it's been a growing passion for many years.

It all started with a $20 Pentax SLR that I found in a op shop near home. When I was in high school I used to take all sorts of photos. Every two weeks I would develop rolls of film and learn to compose photos through trial and error because I wasn't rich enough to own a DSLR and I wasn't going to make my parents buy it for me. Since owning this camera i've collected many from op shops and people have either donated unwanted film cameras or have gifted them to me so you could say I have quite the collection now haha! The picture above shows my two favourite cameras. The Pentax SLR was my first ever camera and the Yashica-D is my only camera that shoots 120 film.

Amongst the many I own i've always had a desire to have the perfect point and shoot camera, one where it has a good lens and can fit in my bag, sadly though i've never really found the one. I'm not going to lie there was a period where film was something I neglected whilst going through a rough patch but in 2015 I went to New York and met someone who inspired me to shoot film again based on his love and passion for film photography and videography which he's made into his career.

When I came home from that trip I researched and researched and then stumbled upon something that was too good to be true, the Leica AF-C1. This was their first compact auto focus camera with a 40mm f/2.8 and 80mm f/5.6 lens and I fell in love. Now I know it's not in the P&S market with the Olympus MJU cameras and the Minolta cameras but seeing the photos people have taken from this camera made me impulse buy it. Within a week it came in the mail and the camera was surprisingly in mint condition

Isn't it beautiful!?  That same day I bought batteries and film, the camera turned on like normal and also rolled the film to the first shot like normal and at this point i'm thinking "I didn't pay much for this and it's still working!? I've hit the jackpot!!". When I took it out to test shoot however something horrible happened, I took my first shot and the film didn't wind to the next shot which was odd. I thought I was doing something wrong and tried again but it still didn't wind so at this point I knew it was too good to be true like mentioned earlier.About a year has passed since i've really used it and in the year thats past I kept telling myself i'll get it repaired but unfortunately the cost to repair it is too expensive for what it's worth which sucks. Whilst contemplating whether or not I get it repaired i've been hunting for another P&S to have and last week I found the one, this time I mean it when I say THE one! I might have mentioned it in my last blog post haha but i'm really excited about this one because unlike the Leica it's fully working and is real tiny.
This camera is the Fujifilm DL Super Mini/Tiara Cardia Mini and it was imported from Japan. There are no manuals online and I know there was a difference between this one and the Tiara II which was more common. Easiest way to tell the difference is the first Tiara has Fujifilm written on the front and the second has Tiara II written instead. The strap I believe was also slightly different between the two models. This has a 28mm f/3.5 lens and a ton of amazing features. I've loaded my first film that I haven't finished yet but you best believe when I get these shots back i'll be doing a review on the film used as I have never used this particular brand before.After all this I finally have my perfect P&S camera. I cannot wait to shoot away with different films again and showcase my most loved shots in future blog posts. This camera is the start of more exciting things to come and I cannot wait.E.

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