As promised I told myself I was going to post more often on Tuesdays so here I am kicking things off with an outfit post! Despite this outfit being simple, like most of my outfits, i've always been more about comfort and practicality.

Anti Social Social Club to me is one of those fascinating hype brands that somehow made it big over one simple logo - kudos to them! I didn't even realise how popular they were until I stumbled upon a shop in the city and bought this top. I knew of the brand briefly but really liked the comfort of this top and being winter i've been more into long sleeves. Later that day when I researched the brand more apparently it took them a few months to ship out their SS17 collection which sold out super fast. I think they make to order? I'm a fan of their products but perhaps they have such a demand it's hard to keep up which is understandable.

Also today before class I got to try Tim Ho Wan which is a dumpling place on Bourke St! I would have done a full review however we didn't order too many dishes and I ate too quickly before taking photos because I was so hungry, whoops. Normally every time I walk past there is a line that goes on forever but today we got lucky and snagged a table right away! We had the BBQ Pork Buns, Pan Fried Pork Dumplings and Golden Tofu dish.

This was definitely a good feed before Japanese class and not too expensive either, i'll definitely be going back again!


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