The Break is Up!

Hey readers! It's been a while, 54 days to be exact!

I don't even know how this break started but as the weeks flew by the lack of posting became more apparent and I have no one but myself to blame for that.

I also have no idea where to even begin explaining my absence on this blog, mind you i've still been active on Instagram only because it's the easiest thing to keep updated. I think it started with the excuse of "i'm real busy this week where am I going to find time?" to "WAIT WE'RE AT THE END OF JUNE!? SINCE WHEN?!" On one hand I feel a little bit sad that this year is gong fast but at the same time the faster the year goes the closer i'll be in Japan for a holiday (42 days and counting!)

Normally Tuesdays are my "post day" however the past few Tuesdays i've been feeling a little frustrated and lost in fear because as you know by now i'm currently learning Japanese and it's proving to be a serious challenge. The only thing thats making me go back week after week is the passion and determination I have for this. Luckily duo lingo recently added Japanese as a language to learn so now in between classes I have a good tool to practise with other than homework and it's been such a blessing considering the amount of repetition I need to retain everything. With that said if breaking down about learning Japanese is the worst thing happening to me right now I really don't have much to complain about and probably shouldn't be having a sook.

On a different note seeing as i've been away for a while i'm going to share some of my favourite snaps over the last 54 days in no particular order either. (keep in mind I also work full time haha so these were all on my days off!)

~ Went to the Van Gogh exhibition at NGV ~

~ Spent a day in Waburton and checked out the Redwood Forrest ~

~ Saw Dj Shadow live (such a good set from start to finish omg) ~

~ Celebrated Starci's birthday ~

~ Spent an afternoon up at Mt Dandenong ~

~ Checked out the Winter Night Markets at Queen Victoria Market (full review coming soon) ~



  1. Perfect photography.. & coler collection was superb

    1. Ahhh thank you always appreciated! :)