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If theres one thing I love it's when I stumble across random things in the city and thinking "wait what how when?!". Pretty random sentence to start this post with but it'll make sense as you read on haha.

Last Tuesday was like any other ordinary Tuesday where I went to Japanese Class, took some outfit photos which was featured in last weeks post, went out for ramen and then I got completely sidetracked when I was supposed to be going home.

In QV Square I walked past this random warehouse sale that was happening in a gallery space of all things with brands such as Undefeated and Carhartt so we thought i'd check it out. I rumble through piles of clothes and find this Carhartt shirt i'm wearing that was discounted to $20!! Despite being a mens shirt I thought the pattern is too nice to leave behind and would look cool as a dress.

As I keep pushing around people with piles of clothes I decided to be good and not get anything else because in my head i'm thinking "look i'm probably going to buy a whole new wardrobe in Japan soon" and head over to the counter where I then see this adorable bucket hat and have a mini freak out because BAPE! The bucket hat was half price and normally i'm not impulsive but this hat had my name all over it so I couldn't leave it behind. Speaking of impulsive I somehow stayed up for the new ASSC drop and impulsively bought a college coach jacket so whoops. The way I see it the bucket hat and coach jacket were my two top things clothing wise I wanted to get in Japan and now that I have both everything else will be a luxury!

Fast forward to a week and we have this outfit! I would have loved to style the shirt with fishnet stockings but I get cold far too quickly so for today I just paired it with regular stockings. Don't be fooled by the sun because we're still in the middle on winter!


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