My Latest Obsession...

Let's real talk for a bit. Not everyone knows this about me but i've always had a low-key obsession with designer brands. I think it all started from when I was a kid. Mum would always drag me out to go shopping with her every boxing day to places like Versace and Gucci because she would spend all her saved money on random staple items. 7 year old me never cared and would always question why Mum spent such large amounts on designer pieces however 17 years later and i'm literally doing the same thing. ARGH!

All year i've been stalking and dreaming about owning two Gucci items - a GG Buckle Belt and a pair of Princetown Loafers. I nearly splurged around my birthday but at the time I couldn't justify the price tag and then forgot about them until Japan happened.

I don't know about you but sometimes when i'm on holiday shopping away I tend to have no filter, tell myself "ahhhh screw it i'm on holiday TREAT YO' SELF!" and worry about the repercussions later. Thats how owning the belt happened. I initially was supposed to be out developing two rolls of film from the trip and Gucci conveniently happened to be next to where I was going... 

As for the shoes one week later after being back I had a rough day at Jap Class and spontaneously went home with these shoes? They were the last pair in my size so it was meant to be in my opinion haha! Every time I wear these shoes I can't help but stare at my feet in awe but always fear a little considering they're now the most expensive shoes I own.

Lets just say i'm so done with buying any clothing items for now. This time I really mean it too.


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