Pink Vibin'

IT'S BEEN A WHILE HEY! My last post from what I can see was a month and a half ago and thats crazy, since then so much has been going on with me I don't even know where to begin! Life somehow got the best of me and then Japan happened and now it's the first day of spring!? HUH!?

So as I said earlier recently I had a trip to Japan and my aim was to come back with a whole new wardrobe. I figured an outfit post was quite fitting because despite the shoes and tights every piece worn here was from Japan! I've somehow also become super obsessed with the colour pink?? I bought a pink jacket, pink cap, pink sunnies, pink beanie!? Pink is now my new obsession hahaha! Aside from the colour pink I bought a lot of other pieces I can't wait to style, I also can't wait for more sunny days I was over winter a while ago.

There are so many things I want to share about my third time to Japan so there will be some posts coming up in the future, now that i'm back into the swing of things again watch this space for more!


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